Friday, July 31, 2009

Nerf yo!

soo recap of my week
since camp, i haven't done a thing, i locked myself my house for most of the week. i don't know why, and i don't wanna know why
wednesday i tried for the third time this summer applying for a job... and that time will definitely be the last. im so freaking tired of getting indirectly rejected ! :P
my only chance of getting a job is sketchers on tuesday and the hospital job with jamie ... i don't know.
mom says i should enjoy my summer, but how can i walk out the door and have fun without money ? fuck, i hate this.
on a lighter note, i actually had fun today. chilled at jezers for a while till cody, jamie, and daryeon came. went to walmart to pick out nerf guns . took jezer and cody (the only ones with money) a good hour to pick one out of the various FIVE guns :| but now i know i want an N-force sword and this blue clear bouncy ball . drove out to the park RIGHT in front of my house and my mom was pissed as hell. right when we started playing with the GLOW IN THE DARK guns, my mom decided to be a bitch. i don't understand her, while my sister is out for four days at some cottage in orillia doing who knows what, my mom wouldn't let me stay out for a bit in front of my house. i hate her. (another reason to get a job) whatever, there will come that one oh so glorious day when i move out and get a lip piercing and all the tattoos i want :)
but for now, theres really nothing to do but wait


ps. can't wait to cut my hair ! i get too bored of my hair easily, i need to change it .. NOW.\

oh ! and if you haven't already, check out my new video :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"damn humans"

soo today was officially my last day of camp , yes !!
it went by soo fast , and leaving made me realize that i would kinda miss it , especially all the great people i met there . and im actually considering on coming back next year since im going 'back home' and Australia that year . soo maybe , we'll see .
but the great thing is , i can have my summer now !! and enjoy sleeping in again :)
after that, saw The Ugly Truth with some friends
it was pretty good , i feel as if im some kinda robot thinking it wasn't as great as other people thought , i dunno ... it was good .
also; it sucks that NOT ONE place called me where i applied to last time yet ... and most likely not anytime soon. oh god , i think im gonna have to apply AGAIN for the freaking third time ! UGH.
im so fustrated now , i think i have to be less picky now if i really want a job :P so i'll try .

anyways , here are some pictures from today at camp , more on facebook

Monday, July 20, 2009

job hunting , TAKE TWO.

soo today was the first day of session B/2 of camp. and the start of my last week there, which is kinda bittersweet.
bitter because i honestly had a great time with the kids at oradaca. they are all so adorable and funny, and jeremy especially i would miss, since he's my little camper :)
sweet because i don't have to get up so early and go swimming all the time and stay out in the hot hot sun where there are bugs EVERYWHERE.
but im gonna miss it. im thinking of making my group alittle something before i leave.
and since by the end of the week i would be left with nothing to do again, i figured, why not give job hunting another shot. to be honest, the first time kinda brought me down because not one place wanted me, but oh well, i learned a lot soo hopefully i get it this time. went with jezer today right after camp. freshened up at his house then left. applied at:
-the childrens place (i kinda figured i might get it from my voulenteer with kids)
-HMV (even though i know im not gettting that)
-Walter's music (worth a shot ? they were impressed by how much instruments i can play, haha)
-GAP (again.. i didn't want to but justin made me)
-Islandway Shorbet ("third times a charm!" but i think i might get it this time cause appearently "my resume is very impressive" lol, well that's what the manager guy said but i didn't hear :P)
and i think that's it ? i made six resumes but i only applied at 5 and left with none? lol i don't know...
soo anyways, fingers crossed that i get a damn job already .

- angelaa

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

best ever .

fuck , i cried after watching this .
damn it was soo intense .
watched it a thousand times after, as soon as i found it, the only one up for now.
link here :
i love travis wall , and i seriously wanna learn contemporary. now.
aahhh !! watch it !!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"cause you never know what may happen in life"

about quote: some 6 year old kid said that at camp today, laughed my ass off, it was so cute.

soo im surprisingly having a good summer . camp is eating most of it up so far, but i've only less than two more weeks, yay ! weekend was pretty busy . yesterday's party was fun . and session two for camp has started on an okay note, considering i've been bitten and spat on by my camper today . lol, but i've only had him for today. i always get the ones that never come, so i end up having someone else, or i do nothing. today would have been brutal if Heymil wasn't there with me. we went hiking, which took forever (i have a gazillion mosquito bites) . and this kid fell into the swamp ! oh gah , that scared me, but he got just a little mud on him. sigh* camp tires me out too much. got home, ate a whole bag of chips and slept . oh ! canada's next top model : Meaghan !! yess !! i love her she's so hot, i knew she was gonna win ;) hehe... anyways, that's all i got .

ps. gonna try job hunting ... again . since the first time was a big fail.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


so ... "A Sunday Affair" tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


i like golf . golf golf golf .
i can actually hit 80% of the balls now .
i wanna get better, i wanna tryout a course .
im freakaan sore .

i can't wait till camps over .
i don't know why im doing it .
i don't know what im doing there .
i don't like swimming anymore .

im always so tired .
i don't like being tired .

bloop .

ps. child abuse is scary . mom's from old country are intimidating .

on a lighter note : ... uhm, i like elephants .

Monday, July 6, 2009

clan names

helloo !!
i have to start off saying KILLER was fawking AMAZING !! i finished the night i said i would and i just couldn't fall asleep !! i talked to andrea the other day for hours about it... man can i get worked up over a book haha ! (im such a nerd)

ANYWAYS , today failed at tennis with sister... we were both so tired so we just quit after 15 minutes lol. then went to go pick up my report card with jezer. we were actually both satisfied with our marks. jezer passed sciencs and i made honour roll. (proved my mom wrong, she thought i couldn't get it) :P then had lunch at mcdonalds with gonzalo. went home and did my own thing... just relaxed for once. and what i thought was gonna be a whole week off from voulenteering turned out to be a bust. Tanya (the leader of the whole thing) called me up and asked me to come this week and scheduled me for the next two weeks. but i don't really mind, i'd just be doing nothing anyways, and im with a different person this week and next week which is good :) sigh* soo back to camp ... for the next three weeks.

and as for the whole job thing ... that's been a bust too, but i figured, it would make no difference if i applied for a job now or a year later, either way, i'd still have no expirence. soo i applied online this time and am probably going job hunting again ... i just need expirence and money ... i don't care how long it'll be and for how much, i just need to be earning something !! i freaking dying !! i know people keep telling me i'll hate it later but right now i don't so... whatever im taking it :P

and as i promised, i DID make a video yesterday, posted it up today :)
heres the link ...

... again, not my best, but i did it x)


Saturday, July 4, 2009

like a chef !!

yello blaahg !!

yesterday, i had an interesting morning...
as you know, i've been volunteering at summer camp for kids with disabilities, and this past week was my first. i've been working with a girl named Kayla, she's a twelve year old girl with ADHD. although she doesn't exactly need much of my help... so im just there most of the time playing with all of the kids :P soo yesterday was the same as every other day for just the morning. got up early made my lunch and all that. Cherlie came early to carpool with me and my mom. camp there is different everyday with new kids coming in on mondays, themed days from Tuesday to thrusday and friday's are trip days. we went to this fitness for success place. and it was actually pretty awsome. they had an arcade filled with electronical fitness games, a gym were we could work out and this nutrition place were they made smoothies. unfortunately, i wasn't able to do half of it. i ended up having uhmm.. 'girl problems' and next thing i know im dizzy and vomiting like crazy. (gaah i hate being a girl) so.. i got home early... im not sure if those three hours counted for hours ... oh well

when i got home, i was feeling a whole lot better. jezer called me up after a nice nap and ended up at vmills with jamie, cody, hanna, and him. then went to his house for a bbq since his family was over anyways. then finally got to play with the turtles :) squirtle ended up peeing on me three times but i still love him. i love all of them, they're so cute ! and 'controlling' them was funny xD

today was nothing, i kinda didn't wanna go out, i just wanted time to relax. did mostly reading from 'killer' and im almost done. probably gonna finish tonight... boo, then i'll have to wait another five months for the next one. but i think it's worth the wait ;) gaah they're so good. anyways, thats pretty much it :)
ps. another video soon ? yes ?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

lowesT !! haha

happy birthday canada !! :)
today was pretty good... and interesting
got to sleep in a bit longer than the past two days which was alright, but woke up to my mother screaming in my ear.
had family over for a bbq , yum .
after a while we wanted to go see the fireworks so picked up jezer and drove with my sister and her friends to some ... landfill . lol ! my sister said it was just gonna be some hill .... it was no hill .
freakin mud everywhere . lol poor jezer, he was wearing his nice kicks and white pants lol.
so after getting 3/4 of the way there, we just gave up... i didn't wanna go through it , it was soo bad, but i couldn't help but laugh ... it was soo stupid . left my sister and her friends there and stayed at lowes lol ! after a while we saw some car come up to us and told us that if we were to pass through that area again, he'd call the police ... lol ... creepy, he came out of nowhere . i was kinda sacred after that cause my sister was still up there and there were cars searching the place ... oh gosh . but it was all good , they got out in time.
but yeah, after that went to tims to dry up and chilled there for a while, got to catch up on some times with jezer, first time seeing him all summer (even though it's just been a week) .
overall, good day.

some pics ?