Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new stuff

it's officially been a week since my summer started and it's going pretty well.
busier than last year, so that's always good (although anything would be busier than last years)
i made a promise not to make this summer total loaft and im going through with it :)
mostly cause of summer camp stuff which is kind of a bust
i really don't mind volunteering, but when my assigned disabled child is 'not so disabled' and completely capable of doing things on her own, then it gets kinda boring (and her mom wants me yo stay with her for the whole summer ... i don't think im doing it) first day, i felt really useless, but i guess im helping out the campers a bit, mostly playing with them :P hehe im practically a camper myself xP it's good im getting exsersize and get to swim everyday for free and go on different trips every week, so it all goood ;)

new blog, i actually worked really long and hard on the banner lol ! and knowing how computer illiterate i am, i'd say i did a pretty good job. drew it out , scanned , coloured . tah dah ! :P

ps. guess whose got "killer" ;) hehe , sister picked it up yesterday , imma have no life for the next few hours :)


Saturday, June 20, 2009

poses, jobs, and rain.

haha !! as of yesterday, i have been with this blog for a year ... woot woot !! :D


thursday, had first exam of the semester... english, which wasn't all too bad, i just didnt get to finish the most important part :P i think im allergic to tests, quizes, and exams; my nose always gets runny as soon as i place my pen to my paper ... blaah. anyways, after chilled at jamie's for a bit then headed home. got a random call from justin, who i swear sounds like cody on the phone :/
lol and yeah chilled with him, jayare, and jaye for a bit. pictures are on justin's blogga there -->

yesterday, went major job hunting !! finally. applied at four places that i thought would actually hire me. lol i don't care i just want a job and money. applied at :
-siblings : interview on tuesday
-islandway shorbet : they taste soo good ...
-American Eagle : interview on tuesday
-GAP : which im not getting considering i filled in only a quarter of the application sheet ! i don't have any previous jobs :( lol, but i guess you can say i benefited the embarrassment in some sort of way ;) haha !
and that's it ...

today, went to some picnic for my mom's company that happens every year, and actually going made me realize how old i've gotten ... i use to like being there ... i just stayed in the car and slept :P i was soo tired for some reason. well i guess the rain had something to do with it... it rained the whole time and once it was over, it stopped :|

sunday: tito's 50th surprise party !! :) i've only been to one surprise party but i think i can say i love them !!
monday: religion exam, watch sister's play, hardcore studying
tuesday: math exam, interviews, summer 09 !! woot woot
wednesday: interview and training ... summer camp :P

booking my whole summer... no more loaft .


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UPDATE: videos dance and sickness

SICK , but on the path to feeling better :)
i thought since i have nothing to do other than sweat off the fever, i might as well update this thing

on the weekend, instead of doing any of my CPT's (which i gotta start on now) i gots me a choreo !!
making it to "sleepyhead" by Passion Pit
it's very techno punk xD
sooo can't wait to finish that !!

got me another video up on the tube :P
i don't really like it but sister made me put it up... so whatever
the real bad thing about it is that you can CLEARLY see my BURNS from the damn sun ... it's soo bad !! i really should have wore sleeves :P

here it is ...get me more views !!