Saturday, June 28, 2008


okay, just came home from drum lessons which was sort of boring =P i felt kinda bad cause i didn't even touch my drums for the past two weeks. i mean don't get me wrong, i love playing the drums, it's just lately i haven't been too motivated. today i woke up pretty late from the tiring day, yesterday. i was supposed to chill with jezer and jamie at the mall then watch a movie, but someone flopped... AND surprisingly not me. so we had to cancel plans and instead, just ate out with them + garo. subway babayyy. on our way back to jezer's we left "d" and "s" alone but it wasn't easy! jezer was on the bike and i had to run alongside with him >.< the whole damn time! thank god for gym (= played rockband andd attempting to wrap this big ass present for Jezer to give to chelley's brotha's birthday. a $120 harley davidson remote control toy. HUGE. im glad that jezer actually used his pay check for someone else, other than himself. man i need a job. anyways, we biked to my house at around 9:30 cause that was the time i had to be home, good thing my parents weren't mad... my excuse: we left at 9:15 i swear, it's just that jezer fell off his bike several times, you know how handicapped that kid is? naw.. i may have over exaggerated a bit. >.<> d= oh! forgot to mention. im re-painting my room orange! yay! so excited! tonight im going to my cousin's for a bible study *sigh *sigh *snore *snore d= imma be bored but whatever, i haven't been to my cousin's house in a long time i actually forgot how it looked like. anywho... imma stop here before it gets anymore boring. >.<

--angelaarmi <33>

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Woke up today at 12 30 cause i haven't slept-in in a long time. today is my sister's prom so i went with her to the hair dressers. She got a sick hair dew with my added suggestions. =) Helped her with her make up and everything until it was time for her to go. i just can't believe my sister's done with high school and she's at her prom...she's old now =P... seeing how pretty she looked, inspiration had kicked in andd so i started cutting my hair; something i like to do once in a while when im bored then i experimented with make up. Jezer and Jamie came by from a damn shopping spree downtown. They showed off their new sick shit as i was wearing ball shorts, tank top, and ghetto converse xP i couldn't go with them cause my mom was being an ugly bhum. for some reason i wasn't in the mood for anything...i hate to be a downer but that's what i was as soon as they came... have no idea why though. im a really odd when it comes to my emotions. Today was a pretty messed up day for me. i felt so out of touch with what was going on... if that makes sense :\ whatever... im just hoping tomorrow will be better. (yn)

--angelaarmi <3

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what time is it?!?

Fawk yeah! oh so glad school is over! summer...summer ...summer...chyeah! o k a y so today i had my french exam and i surely failed =P but i really don't care.. i mean common, it's french. after, i went to jaye m.'s house again with jezer and jayare. chilled there for a while and we watched kung fu panda. pretty good movie not gonna lie =) anywho.. yeah... today was a pretty boring day, watched gossip girl all day and finally caught up to the recent episodes! ohmehgah! gossip girl is so damn intense. crazy stuff! y e a h ... still a little confused from yesterday... and i still have so many thoughts going through my mind and im just worried and scared of what's gonna happen next. i just hope these thoughts won't ruin my whole summer xP


Monday, June 23, 2008

confussy in a semi-pissed way

Today i had my science exam... came to school a bit more earlier than usual ;) well it beats coming right at the bell that's for sure... hey I'm Filipino, what do you expect? anyways, yeah i did my exam & most likely failed, barely studied. soon after, friends and i just chilled in front of the school... although, a friend of mine was really pissing me off. She really doesn't know when she's being a bit annoying. there's a certain age and time, when you need to wake up one day and realize you're not 10 anymore. some just don't know when to grow up. putting my anger aside, i went to jaye m's house with a couple of other people and stayed there for a while. my time there really got me thinking, but thinking just made me sleepy T_T LOL came home, ate ice cream, like always, and most likely gonna study french for the rest of the day with Garro, Jaye & Jezer. so tired of studying.T_T but i got just one more to go andd i seriously & passionately can't wait till summer!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

crazy bones?!?

Didn't get to post in a while cause i had a pretty busy weekend... but most likely it won't seem so after writing so d=
okay friday i chilled with Jaye M. & Jezer like always. took some random pictures, ate tons of ice cream, watched camp rock; which by the way was a complete disappointment even though i wasn't expecting much anyways, andd made some pretty messed up videos. friday was a pretty much chilled day. Saturday i was forced to attend my mom's work picnic which happens every year & like every year i was bored with nothing to do but take pictures, eat, and scream as over sized bugs came my way. >.< ohmehgah! someone brought a pet duck! so cute ^.^ i have a picture of it but it won't let me upload so yeah. OH! and my sister got a lootbag from the picnic surprised they still gave her one, but im glad they did cause in it contained something very special... crazy bones! memeber those?!? the little toys that you had to hit them with? now that i remember it, it sounds so stupid; but yet, which old fad isn't? LOL that pretty much lasted the whole day. when i came home i just relaxed and watched abdc again... and then comes today which is gonna be filled with hard core studying for science cause i really need to pass. then im most likely gonna go to church, play drums andd sing for the choir then come home to study again... which i should really start doing now d= 2 more exams to go andd i seriously can't wait till summer! omfg; summer. hopefully filled with fun
and chillages. (yn) okay i'll end off here cause i really should be studying now >.<' --angelaarmi <3
-- faux smart, now i want glasses --ube maccupuno ice cream --yummers ^.^
--had to finish jaye's too

yeah i know.. random but i just wanted to post them anyways... (that was from friday btw) i have pictures from yesterday but it won't work d=

Thursday, June 19, 2008


First blog ever andd because im bored out of my mind & with lots of convincing, i decided to it. Today was my first exam for this semester geography . easy much? after an hour of lofting, we finally started getting home... i wanted to chill afterwards but i had to get home cause my dad was. andd after multiple amounts of orange,mango, raspberry ice cream, freezies, and calls from jaye m. telling me how much fun she's having without me d= and so I end up here... writing this blog and wondering why : i would post up some pictures but i can't find my camera at this moment... too bad; my hair's all nice today too d= boring day? i know. boring blog? i know that too. but don't hate... it's my first ;)

--tank youu to justin for wasting his time in helping meh d=