Monday, July 6, 2009

clan names

helloo !!
i have to start off saying KILLER was fawking AMAZING !! i finished the night i said i would and i just couldn't fall asleep !! i talked to andrea the other day for hours about it... man can i get worked up over a book haha ! (im such a nerd)

ANYWAYS , today failed at tennis with sister... we were both so tired so we just quit after 15 minutes lol. then went to go pick up my report card with jezer. we were actually both satisfied with our marks. jezer passed sciencs and i made honour roll. (proved my mom wrong, she thought i couldn't get it) :P then had lunch at mcdonalds with gonzalo. went home and did my own thing... just relaxed for once. and what i thought was gonna be a whole week off from voulenteering turned out to be a bust. Tanya (the leader of the whole thing) called me up and asked me to come this week and scheduled me for the next two weeks. but i don't really mind, i'd just be doing nothing anyways, and im with a different person this week and next week which is good :) sigh* soo back to camp ... for the next three weeks.

and as for the whole job thing ... that's been a bust too, but i figured, it would make no difference if i applied for a job now or a year later, either way, i'd still have no expirence. soo i applied online this time and am probably going job hunting again ... i just need expirence and money ... i don't care how long it'll be and for how much, i just need to be earning something !! i freaking dying !! i know people keep telling me i'll hate it later but right now i don't so... whatever im taking it :P

and as i promised, i DID make a video yesterday, posted it up today :)
heres the link ...

... again, not my best, but i did it x)


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