Saturday, July 25, 2009

"damn humans"

soo today was officially my last day of camp , yes !!
it went by soo fast , and leaving made me realize that i would kinda miss it , especially all the great people i met there . and im actually considering on coming back next year since im going 'back home' and Australia that year . soo maybe , we'll see .
but the great thing is , i can have my summer now !! and enjoy sleeping in again :)
after that, saw The Ugly Truth with some friends
it was pretty good , i feel as if im some kinda robot thinking it wasn't as great as other people thought , i dunno ... it was good .
also; it sucks that NOT ONE place called me where i applied to last time yet ... and most likely not anytime soon. oh god , i think im gonna have to apply AGAIN for the freaking third time ! UGH.
im so fustrated now , i think i have to be less picky now if i really want a job :P so i'll try .

anyways , here are some pictures from today at camp , more on facebook

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