Friday, November 28, 2008


today was a fun day.
started off normal with the whole cleaning up the house part, and doing homework and stuff...
after, sister offered to give me a ride to jezer's for Sean's party :)
ate dinner there and had cake .. yum.
instead of watching a movie we went to a driving range... i think that's what you call it ? lol
with cody, myka, jayare, and jezer.
and it was REALLY fun also cause it was my first time actually doing something in the genre of golfing... not including glow in the dark putt putts lol
but yeah, it was really fun, even though i was TERRIBLE at it :)
but hey, i was doing the technique part right... unlike SOME people ... *coughjayareandjezercough what ?
haha and so after that, on our way home we stopped by tims to get some drinks... but then we forgot they don't accept debit so when we told them we would get money from the car and be right back... instead we just left... i felt really bad though... but oh well, their fault with not keeping up with the times... ? i dunno .
anywho, then while trying to get around a one way street, cody ended up in the back of this building and jezer spotted all these drinks outside. thinking it was water, cody picked up a whole case... turned out to be GUAVA NECTAR ? lol what the hell is guava anyways ? lol !
it was like a combo of some fruit and nail polish lol ! well the smell of it at least.
so on our way home we dropped off the case in front of diana's house lol ! i wonder how that worked out ? haha
then tried scaring pedestrians by slowing down and blasting music with jayare ATTEMPTING to scare them with his funny sounding bep bep bep lol one boy actually laughed at him lol ! omg !
and then yeah got home just in time before my parents got home :) nice
so yeah.. today was fun

screw movies, golf is now gonna be one of my hobbies thanks to cody :D

Sunday, November 23, 2008


SOOOO... yesterday was quite.. well, not how i expected. well the second part of it at least. didn't get to see twilight.. but oh well, there are other days. but im gonna have to face those damn fiends talking about it all monday -_-'
but i think it was well worth missing.
helped out a friend in the process :)
i just want that person to remember that God doesn't give you anything in life you can't handle.

today had bible study yet again... im SO DAMN SCREWED for my two tests on monday... plus assignments ugh.
OH ! and guess what... i didn't forget ! :)
watching old school shows in the 90's like... PIPPILONGSTOCKING ! haha xD
yes, now you don't have to hear my terrible singing in the halls after school anymore :)
so here it is

Thursday, November 20, 2008


TODAY was all bouts chili ! haha . yeah.. i was shitting my pants while it was happening... i was so scared... CHILLY WILLY should've won man ! but NO it had to be COLD ;P and NO, it didn't taste like NEWSPAPER ! lol, oh well, next time ?
yay, no school tomorrow ish... and twilight movie , maybe ? unless a lot of sexually active teens there for Edward 'pre-order' all the tickets ;P and yeah ... pretty pointless blog but felt a need to update.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


yesterday chilled after school with jamie and jezer like old times... ah it's been too long, well with only us together... i think :S
anyways yeah, chilled at jezers first while his mom was giving us her usual lectures lol ! THAT made me laugh. and then went to my house then jayares.
today was supposed to go to this christmas party at church... yes this early in the year, but i didn't have a ride and i didn't know what time it was lol soo yeah didn't go to that , i was too lazy anyways so i just stayed home catching up on gossip girl :)
haha im FINALLY updated and i can now watch it tomorrow :D YAY !
so yeah, the reason for my REALLY random title is because a few days ago i was watching this thing on youtube and it was sooo creepy and weird. i remembered watching it a long time ago but i saw it again and thought, 'man this is soo going on my blog' lol so yeah it is ... NOW. WATCH IT! haha it makes me laugh
but i warn you , don't watch anymore of the episodes, unless you enjoy super pointless stuff. this was just the best episode i think :)
so yeah, that's all

Monday, November 10, 2008

4 days till PLL

AHH ! found out my favourite book's 5th series 'wicked' is coming out this friday instead of the 24th ! omg ! im soo excited ! i just read the preview of the first chapter and it has pumped me up sooo bad ! ahhh ! omg ! i can't wait. i have to buy it the day of ! lol ! im suck a nerd getting all excited over a book >_< but whatever it's YOU whose missing out ;P haha OMG! CAN'T WAIT !

P.S. YAY ! :D

Sunday, November 9, 2008

she's baaack ...

yess... Utada Hikaru is back on my playlist and back in my heart, teehee im getting all corny on you :) i missed her so much actually. i haven't listened to her since my kingdom heart days lol ! listening to her reminds me so much of elementary... where those times were so much more simple and innocent haha.. but yeah man so there is one of them playing on the right ->
yeah so today was good. cleaned up the house because i owed it to my mom from all those weeks of , well not cleaning ;P
after that had jamie, jayare, and jezer over for a bit. then went to church (i got a solo today :D ) and had another intense choir practice ! naw, they're always a hella boring...
so yeah.. how you liking my NEW excuse of a banner ? :D decent ?
yeah well that's what comes up when you don't have photoshop :D but i just really needed change. i still need to add a few additional things (which will be a LONG time from now knowing me) and yeah... that's pretty much it :)
bye !

Thursday, November 6, 2008


alright, homework-free-day . today went by pretty fast actually... baked cookies for parent interviews in food & nutrition
got to miss half of careers cause if it :) got a 89 on a project for science too yay, my first A in that damn class ... ugh im so stupid. anyways ..
yeah i just thought i should update since i have nothing to do now haha
and i really really really wanna change my blog thing but i don't know what to do... any ideas ?
soo yeah ...
watched this on tv today... lol ! laughed my ass off ! lol well the first part at least lol !

ps. new profile ... more 'features' later ... talk about it laterr, too lazy right now

Saturday, November 1, 2008

that's my husband, the petifile .

yesterday was probably the best Halloween i had... and we didn't have to do stupid shit to have fun , jaclyn, jamie and i just played it the traditional way and DID go trick or treating... and it was fun... made many new friends lol ! had conversations with many of the house owners haha ! took pictures with the first house we trick or treated with cause he was pretty scary in a 'hi , im 40, can i touch you?' kinda way lol ! but naw he was funny... and creepy. but yeah .. had some really stupid moments and after made pretty messed up videos lol ! just like old times :) maybe posting it up later on when jaclyn sends 'em to me. and yeah , that was pretty much it.

OH ! and guess what i'm eating ... CRUNCH ! omg ... i used to love that chocolate... i missed it soo much ! my mom bought 8 packs of 8 ! and my dad forgot to give them out soo yeah ... im stocked up on crunch ... yay !