Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"cause you never know what may happen in life"

about quote: some 6 year old kid said that at camp today, laughed my ass off, it was so cute.

soo im surprisingly having a good summer . camp is eating most of it up so far, but i've only less than two more weeks, yay ! weekend was pretty busy . yesterday's party was fun . and session two for camp has started on an okay note, considering i've been bitten and spat on by my camper today . lol, but i've only had him for today. i always get the ones that never come, so i end up having someone else, or i do nothing. today would have been brutal if Heymil wasn't there with me. we went hiking, which took forever (i have a gazillion mosquito bites) . and this kid fell into the swamp ! oh gah , that scared me, but he got just a little mud on him. sigh* camp tires me out too much. got home, ate a whole bag of chips and slept . oh ! canada's next top model : Meaghan !! yess !! i love her she's so hot, i knew she was gonna win ;) hehe... anyways, that's all i got .

ps. gonna try job hunting ... again . since the first time was a big fail.


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