Monday, September 29, 2008

dark cholcolate M&Ms

went to jayare's after school with the dance leaders ;P ate pizza, went 'shopping' , and learned can we chill :) went home and ate more ... took a nap cause i basically had 4 hours of sleep last night. ugh . then watched gossip girl half asleep lol ! omg... i didn't know what was going on... yeah imma have to watch it again ;P tonight prob gonna call jamie and yeah ... oh ! i got my straightener back ! :) no more messy hair for mee again :D haha

Thursday, September 25, 2008


today was civies and terry fox walk. so yeah skipped that with jezer jayare justin and phan ; even though i paid that 20 -_-' first went to community center . learned the rest of skippin and played ping pong ;P i pwned all em ;) then went for all you can eat sushi . it was alright ... not as good as Kiasen though ;P yeah after that went through many coincidences like ...uhmm ... BOM ? haha yeah .. then chilled at jayare's . left with a headache which i still have >_< over protective parents wondering so much about where i was ;P geez ... and yeah im prob gonna go to bed early ... im soo damn tired ! and that's pretty much it :)

OH ! p.s. i hate BITERS .

Saturday, September 20, 2008

you look more asain !

ohkay ... soo haven't posted in a while... never really had time, or was just too lazy. anywho ... hmmm since it's been more than a week i guess i can tell you the highlights of this past week. Wednesday was a pretty fun day for me, had a tennis tournament in hopes to win well... a game lol. and well that didn't really happen but i still had fun meeting new people :) after that was the TAG tryouts which was pretty live. a lot of people ended up coming which was great. im finding myself really getting into dance now :\ hmm i always admired it from afar but i now find it really cool. im hoping to take actual classes, that is if my parents let me and Kristine hooks me up ;) hehe yeah the Essence workshop is today and cousin, friends, and friends of cousins are there and im hoping they're having a great time :) hoping they'll come next year again and that i may be at least a decent dancer by then lol. ouu ! i also got my bangs back :D yay ! i was missing them... i was just too lazy to cut them again.. and scared i might have cut them too short again... but it's all good :)

zwow . sorry for boring you ;P

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

like you'll never see me again

hellooo blog ! :) today was alright. school was yet again boring. after went to the TAG meeting and ate at mcdonalds with jayare justin and becky, justin's treat, THANK YOU ! went home and was SUPER TIRED. and i wanted to practice tennis with alex but i kinda fell asleep... lol ! damn. oh well tomorrow then. anywho that's all i gotta say so yeah... bye !

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

100 kilometres my ass !

today was alright. school was the same as always ... boring. OH ! but i made cookies for my first lab in food & nutrition :) that was fun. after loafted for a real long time then finally walked home with Jayare and Kae Anne we did the usual tease about how it was gonna rain while jayare simply refused saying the rain cloud was 100 kilometres away ! omg... so yeah it rained . hard. it happened to me once before but worse but this was still bad. i honestly should get used to it... i have a feeling this is gonna happen to me again. so yeah stayed at jayare's till kae anne's dad could pick us up ... we were too wet to walk. yeah... got home a little too late for my over protective parents so now i gotta come home at like what... 3? omg . my mom's gay. whateves. oh hey how come they don't make crunch bars here anymore ? i loved those . woah sorry random ... i just had to add that in cause i just ate one . lol ZWOW alright imma end here ! bye.

Monday, September 8, 2008

higher !

today was pretty good, considering i actually did something ACTIVE. haha the school part was as boring as ever. but after that went smoothly-ish ? went to tennis tryouts and played my damn butt off! well not really... but had to face two people to get that damn position. YES mixed doubles ! easy win ? well that's why i tried out for it :) soo yeah after that walked home with doboy and played more tennis with him since he my partner. YAY but i know for sure imma gonna be sore tommorrow lol ! i was soo tired after. man i really need to work out more often. anywho yeah watched GOSSIP GIRL ! was interesing but not the greatest. so all in all i had a good day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

miss independent

today went to drum lessons with a little TWIST had my lesson with Kristine ! lol it was soo unexpected . but lots of fun ... i was actually glad to learn something new cause i didn't practice this week lol ! yeeeah ... so yeah did that then went to vmills with my sisters for one reason . to get my damn jacket . and i did .. but it had it's complications . as soon as i got into h&m i saw a couple of them left but only one in my size .. and some white girl had it in her hands . shit . i was sooo damn pissed ! i was like cussing at her in my mind like crazy lol ! i bet even her boyfriend knew i was pissed at her . but then thank God a hot asain lady came by and put back another one in my size :) omg it was a super change of emotions in that second lol ! so yeah buying that made my day . went around for a couple more hours had little reunions with a few people and ate dinner at pho mi . came home feeling bad i didn't get to chill with jamie on the ONE DAY we could chill ugh ! man ! i wonder what they did then ? well , have too see .

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first day

ohkay this it pretty delayed but yeah ... whateves , first day of school was alright , beginning didn't start off so great... had to wake up super early and walk to school just so that i could say bye to jamie. got there at like 8 ? ugh ... not fun seeing your best friend go ... oh ! and btw.... if you're reading this jamie , DOOD ! we were supposed to be in careers and civics togetha ! mans ! i had to like watch cavalro cross your name with a nice black sharpie :) nice . anywho .... first day was cool seeing everyone again , wish i saw most of them during summer though . even though it's just the beginning , i can't wait till this semesters over... i have a good feeling it'll be alot better . soo yeah ... lazy to write anything else so bye !

Monday, September 1, 2008


today din't do a thing lol ! my parents were home so they made me stay . boo ! but what made my day was GOSSIP GIRL PREMIERE ! yay ! it was GOOD ! MAN ! anywho that's all ...