Friday, July 31, 2009

Nerf yo!

soo recap of my week
since camp, i haven't done a thing, i locked myself my house for most of the week. i don't know why, and i don't wanna know why
wednesday i tried for the third time this summer applying for a job... and that time will definitely be the last. im so freaking tired of getting indirectly rejected ! :P
my only chance of getting a job is sketchers on tuesday and the hospital job with jamie ... i don't know.
mom says i should enjoy my summer, but how can i walk out the door and have fun without money ? fuck, i hate this.
on a lighter note, i actually had fun today. chilled at jezers for a while till cody, jamie, and daryeon came. went to walmart to pick out nerf guns . took jezer and cody (the only ones with money) a good hour to pick one out of the various FIVE guns :| but now i know i want an N-force sword and this blue clear bouncy ball . drove out to the park RIGHT in front of my house and my mom was pissed as hell. right when we started playing with the GLOW IN THE DARK guns, my mom decided to be a bitch. i don't understand her, while my sister is out for four days at some cottage in orillia doing who knows what, my mom wouldn't let me stay out for a bit in front of my house. i hate her. (another reason to get a job) whatever, there will come that one oh so glorious day when i move out and get a lip piercing and all the tattoos i want :)
but for now, theres really nothing to do but wait


ps. can't wait to cut my hair ! i get too bored of my hair easily, i need to change it .. NOW.\

oh ! and if you haven't already, check out my new video :)

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