Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one and a half hours !

yesterday, was pretty messed after going to vmills with jezer after school to buy stuff for civies/halloween. not really doing much for that day considering everyone's going to the debut ;P hopefully jamie will come through into chilling with me that day :) can't really wait till friday... this week has felt so long and it's only wednesday ! ugh ... planning to make a cover with jezer on friday to 'lucky' with me playing my new ukulele :D haha ouu which remeinds me i still have to post 'em pictures of it :) and yeah ... hopefully gonna change my blog by the end of this week if i have time ... going rockclimbing for the fist time in my life today ! yay ! im excited and scared cause im sorta afraid of heights :\ haha can't wait to see that ... and yeah ... that's pretty much it :)

bye !


P.S. no worries, im not skipping, just not doing what im supposed to in class ;P yes, i know . rebel much

Monday, October 27, 2008


hate mondays.
hate school.
hate what im doing.
hate how she's gone and left me with nothing.

what the hell do i do now ?

OMG. I'M SO DEPRESSING. sorry. hopefully tomorrow's a better day.


note: when i have the time (if i ever do) i'll try my best to fix this lousy excuse of a profile, blog thingy ... lol i don't even know what to call it ! >_<
but yes, i'll work on it ... remembering my extreme lack of computer skills, don't expect anything good ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm yours

about time i updated ;P it's been what ? 2 weeks ? woah that's long... oh well ... anyway, today went to drum lessons and semi finished 'to be real' and hoping to play a duet with kristine next week yay ! after that went to 'guitar shack' cause my dad wanted to check it out... and i finally got the one thing i wanted for the longest time... a UKULELE ! lol omg im soo happy... but it's kinda cheap ... like it looks bootlegged but oh well it works :) and yeah ... i'll prob add pictures of it after ... first song im learning is well ... the title :) and yeah , relatives are over right now... bible study bleh... and yeah :)

( i dunno how piontless this blog was... but i just really wanted to boost about my ukulele haha ... )

note: i seriously need to do something about this whole 'her' issue ... ugh im seriously soo fed up ! someone help me ! >_<

Monday, October 13, 2008

it much better here .

today woke up early once again to get my haircut which i finally got this time... although im not quite fond of it ... i actually kinda hate it... but oh well it'll grow out. haha i look even more asain now... that's what you get when you get it done by an asian lady ;P yeah ... after went to vmills where it was PACKED omg... i couldn't shop around at all, there was so many people ! stopped by jezer's work and got me free food and yeah bought a pair of pants... that's it .

Sunday, October 12, 2008

smile detector

weekend was surprisingly busy... yesterday went to lessons saw kristine, albert and javier :) then went to church with family and then watched RELIGOLOUS with sister and friends. haha i changed into three whole outfits that day... ;P

today woke up early for my haircut at 10am sister took me but the thing is she forgot where the 'viet lady who cuts hair lives' lol ! soo... what did she make me do? we stopped by a couple houses she thought was right and i rang on each doorbell asking if it was the place... haha omg. yeah so that was a bust... so sister had to hand in her void check for h&m but we forgot it opens at 11 and it was 10 ... omg.. but then bumped into Heidy and talked to her for a while... went to tims then did some errands for mom. helped out around the house for thanksgiving and yeah relatives came, ate, went to church, called up jamie chilled with her and jezer for a bit, bonded for a while longer and yeah...

tomorrow im FINALLY gonna get my haircut (but im not gonna do much to it) and hopefully my sister knows where it is now soo can't wait for that :)

ps. happy turkey day :) well almost

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


haha , just practiced drums and now my ears are ringing >_<
today, sister drove me to school for the first time ever ! WITHOUT adult supervision haha ! oh yeah ! school boring ... oh ! who wants to join rock climbing with me ?! :) went to TAG and then to jayare's where we made stupid homo videos and ate pizza ... again ;P came home and gonna watch SYTYCD Canada in 10 minutes. and yeah :)

ps. i don't wanna go to semi ... but the theme's masquerade, and im a huge sucker for masquerades *_* ugh ... go or not go ?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

pick a card, any card

today was alright. school was boring as always. tried to make it more exciting by acting real hyper ;P that didn't really help... after school stayed for extra help in science cause im DUH stupid! and yeah ... went to TAG for like half an hour and then went to Becky's with justin and played with the whole Araneta family lol ! and yeah... learned like ... half-ish of Justin's new choreo and came home a little late as planned... so now im REALLY hoping i can study enough to ace the science test.... HA! that'd be great but way too unbelievable ;P but the thing is if i don't do well with my subjects then imma have to quit and not join anything for school -_-' ugh ! soo yeah... i should really start studying now soo bye !

ps. YES ! sister has G2 ! haha bitches ! i have a ride now ! and i'll be riding it in my new H&M clothes haha ! man... im such a user... but hey, she's my sister :) how can i not ? naw i keed... well not really :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

where's the APPLE JUICE ?

yeah all the good title's were already taken ;P haha yeah today went to Jayare's with Justin danced and planned to chill there the whole day till Myka Jezer and Andrew came begging us to go to vmills so yeah went there... for like an hour ? haha yeah.. picked up pizza and on the ride back... wow! was it live ? haha soo gay... BAP BAP BAP! AHH ! jayare's bones hurt ! damn.. anyways yeah after that laofted for a while longer till i had to go. walked home with Jezer and met up with Jamie with FRANCIS (i kept forgetting his name) at discovery. bonded with her for like the first time since she's left ;P yeah... super delayed... but better late than never right ? ;) anywho yeah came home an hour after i was supposed to be home oops ... but oh well no trouble for me :) but i might now be introuble with the church >_< i was supposed to play today and i TOTALLY forgot ! i only remembered way after i was supposed to go ;P my bad. oh well I'm committed enough ... anywho that's all :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

circle circle circle

today went by super slow and i was dying for school to be over ugh ... then there was another TAG meeting ... getting close to 'perfecting' can we chill ;P i thought i had it ... and yeah ... after that justin drew me a very ammature (don't know how to spell that) map of how to get to my friends house cause apparently she lives on his street haha ! and yeah ... i didn't mess up and i DID get there haha yeah ... attempted to do our science project but yeah ... all we got is a blank orange pamphlet. err yeah ... we didn't feel like doing it ;P and yeah ... got home now... and i forgot SYTYCDC is on today ... :( man ! oh well ... there are reruns... so yeah that's all .. pretty boring i know but that's my life .