Saturday, July 4, 2009

like a chef !!

yello blaahg !!

yesterday, i had an interesting morning...
as you know, i've been volunteering at summer camp for kids with disabilities, and this past week was my first. i've been working with a girl named Kayla, she's a twelve year old girl with ADHD. although she doesn't exactly need much of my help... so im just there most of the time playing with all of the kids :P soo yesterday was the same as every other day for just the morning. got up early made my lunch and all that. Cherlie came early to carpool with me and my mom. camp there is different everyday with new kids coming in on mondays, themed days from Tuesday to thrusday and friday's are trip days. we went to this fitness for success place. and it was actually pretty awsome. they had an arcade filled with electronical fitness games, a gym were we could work out and this nutrition place were they made smoothies. unfortunately, i wasn't able to do half of it. i ended up having uhmm.. 'girl problems' and next thing i know im dizzy and vomiting like crazy. (gaah i hate being a girl) so.. i got home early... im not sure if those three hours counted for hours ... oh well

when i got home, i was feeling a whole lot better. jezer called me up after a nice nap and ended up at vmills with jamie, cody, hanna, and him. then went to his house for a bbq since his family was over anyways. then finally got to play with the turtles :) squirtle ended up peeing on me three times but i still love him. i love all of them, they're so cute ! and 'controlling' them was funny xD

today was nothing, i kinda didn't wanna go out, i just wanted time to relax. did mostly reading from 'killer' and im almost done. probably gonna finish tonight... boo, then i'll have to wait another five months for the next one. but i think it's worth the wait ;) gaah they're so good. anyways, thats pretty much it :)
ps. another video soon ? yes ?

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