Monday, July 20, 2009

job hunting , TAKE TWO.

soo today was the first day of session B/2 of camp. and the start of my last week there, which is kinda bittersweet.
bitter because i honestly had a great time with the kids at oradaca. they are all so adorable and funny, and jeremy especially i would miss, since he's my little camper :)
sweet because i don't have to get up so early and go swimming all the time and stay out in the hot hot sun where there are bugs EVERYWHERE.
but im gonna miss it. im thinking of making my group alittle something before i leave.
and since by the end of the week i would be left with nothing to do again, i figured, why not give job hunting another shot. to be honest, the first time kinda brought me down because not one place wanted me, but oh well, i learned a lot soo hopefully i get it this time. went with jezer today right after camp. freshened up at his house then left. applied at:
-the childrens place (i kinda figured i might get it from my voulenteer with kids)
-HMV (even though i know im not gettting that)
-Walter's music (worth a shot ? they were impressed by how much instruments i can play, haha)
-GAP (again.. i didn't want to but justin made me)
-Islandway Shorbet ("third times a charm!" but i think i might get it this time cause appearently "my resume is very impressive" lol, well that's what the manager guy said but i didn't hear :P)
and i think that's it ? i made six resumes but i only applied at 5 and left with none? lol i don't know...
soo anyways, fingers crossed that i get a damn job already .

- angelaa

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