Thursday, July 2, 2009

lowesT !! haha

happy birthday canada !! :)
today was pretty good... and interesting
got to sleep in a bit longer than the past two days which was alright, but woke up to my mother screaming in my ear.
had family over for a bbq , yum .
after a while we wanted to go see the fireworks so picked up jezer and drove with my sister and her friends to some ... landfill . lol ! my sister said it was just gonna be some hill .... it was no hill .
freakin mud everywhere . lol poor jezer, he was wearing his nice kicks and white pants lol.
so after getting 3/4 of the way there, we just gave up... i didn't wanna go through it , it was soo bad, but i couldn't help but laugh ... it was soo stupid . left my sister and her friends there and stayed at lowes lol ! after a while we saw some car come up to us and told us that if we were to pass through that area again, he'd call the police ... lol ... creepy, he came out of nowhere . i was kinda sacred after that cause my sister was still up there and there were cars searching the place ... oh gosh . but it was all good , they got out in time.
but yeah, after that went to tims to dry up and chilled there for a while, got to catch up on some times with jezer, first time seeing him all summer (even though it's just been a week) .
overall, good day.

some pics ?

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  1. eww I see me lol
    wheres the rest?? I want!