Monday, August 24, 2009


so people keep telling me tumblr's easier.
im computer illiterate.
so im giving it a try.
'hi other blog'.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

look at my toes .

soo .. the past week was pretty busaay. parents on vacation for a week so booked the whole week with things to do. went to freakin Midland ? i dunno, it was pretty bad, went on a boat cruise which was also pretty bad. another day went to MarineLand , haven't been there in years . and since the little one hasn't been there yet, we thought might as well go. that was pretty fun actually. went dress shopping the other day for wedding, didn't find shit. friday got to see culture by number ... FINALLY ! i was soo happy , and damn have they improved . and yesterday went to cousin's cousin's wedding. and man was that interesting ... there will probably be pics on fb later :)

AND yeeah .. that was my week in a very condensed paragraph. (just cause i didn't wanna bore you with my useless ranting)

OH ! and cut my hair ! FINALLY ! ahh ... i was soo freaking happy yesterday ... i now love gary (my hairdresser) ... he did it exactly how i wanted it... and apparently i look older now ? but yeah ... some picturaas on mee facebook ... too lazy to put em here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

yella[h] bla[h]g

soo , realized i haven't updated in a while, so decided to do some bloggin ;)
lately, i haven't been doing shit lol
i've been somehow addicted to animal crossing haha , i haven't bought sims 3 , like ive planned to .. but i know that's just gonna fuck up my computer even more and i don't have money. so i resulted to animal corssing and i can't stop playing it. i never played much before .. now i have no life .

and since a month of summer has already passed i have this whole list of things to do befroe school blaah ...
-buy dress for wedding SOON
-cut hair SOON
-get ears pirced like crazy (since mother won't let me mess up anything else on my body)
-get school shoes
-more jeans :)
-get super fit (which means waking up early to go jogging)
-and save up 1 mil on my Animal Crossing account lol

tomorrow, going to Midland (?) to some shrine ... oh god. parents are vacationing from work the whole week ... so they've got all week booked filled with family tings for us to do ... UGH. and the suckier part is that sister gets to skip some of it to go to concerts ...

.. gonna have a great week .