Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i know CUPID !

lol , i can't stop naming my titles after that girl xD

exams are FINALLY over and that means semester one's OVER
omg ! i have been yearning for this day for the longest time ! im soo glad it's over,
i just hope i didn't fail any of them exams :\

today is jayare's birthday
me and jezer got him THE best gift EVER haha ! ( it'll probably be on facebook later)
did a lot of walking which was excruciating .
stayed at jayare's and partayed :)
many fun moments, many embarrassing moments, and many awkward xD haha
had to leave early, although i was there for a while
but didn't wanna get in trouble and not be able to see my all time favourite author tomorrow !

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i hate; EXAMS :

Friday- food and nutrition

Monday- none :)

Tuesday- history

Wednesday- science


Friday, January 2, 2009


YELLA BLOG ! long time no seee ... well not reeeally
so i guess i should update a little more *sigh ooohkaaay here goes


new years eve was SURPRISINGLY fun. hehe
even though i just pigged out on food and chocolate and played BINGO lol
but yeah i had fun, didn't win a game though :(
im a bunch of bad luck (boo!)
soo yeah that's literally all i did on new years till about 4 in the morning


woot woot ! 2009 !
resolutions ? naaaah ... won't actually go through with it anyway ... like always although i wish i would
for new years day i just went to church and FINALLY started on my homework...
1 down 2 to go .. ugh ! im soo freakin screwed. -_-


pretty fun day actually. (too bad jamie couldn't come (N)
woke up... did more work, ate then went rock climbing in new market
hella long ride... worth it ? eh ...
it was alright, only cause it felt waay too short.
sister reserved for only an hour boo !
ooh well, it was still fun, im finding myself getting less scared of climbing now :D
soo im proud of that.
after that went to upper canada mall (a mall of which i haven't been to in a looong time and one i truly miss
bought me a hat at forever 21 , a store that is straight up sick :D (im wearing it now) hehe
bought sister's birthday present
and bought jezer a shirt (about time i owed him back)
OH ! and i forgot ! jezer got me my christmas present :) yay ! take a picture laater..
ride home was hella scary ... almost movie like scary ... haha yeah THAT bad ...
and yeah, got home pretty late, parents got mad, sister's grounded for a month from the car :(
i feel bad, it's her birthday month too (N)

anyways that's all :)

ps. changing up me blog soon ! if i have the time.. planning on making it ANIMATED ;) ouuuuu ...