Tuesday, July 29, 2008

en anglais s'il vous plait?

went to quebec for a week and it was alright. had a few highlights of it. like how crappy and isolated the resort was or how i couldn't exactly go swimming for most of the week because of.. well girl problems LOL or how much fun i had at mount tremblant ? and how mon-hre-al was sicck ! altogether it was.. like i said, alright. that's about it.

the whole taking a break with family was at times, good and annoying. i learned a lot of things about my fam + extended [cause my cousins came along too] that i didn't know before. not gonna go into detail... but yeah that's all i gotta say about that ;)

PS: GPS systems are not dee- shyt, they are very confusing and they do not know how to pronounce the word kilometers ;P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

omg that's so cute, you're matching!

so today, woke up early because of bhutthole jezer. he wanted to play tennis so whatever i was up for anything. cause you know, what else does a girl do at 8 in the morning. so yeah played tennis and hoping to get A LOT better. LOL all i gotta say. today was just a chilled day with jezer pretty much. stopped by jaclyn's house because we couldn't find raychelle. im feeling real bad about spending too much time with jezer honestly... i don't want raychelle to feel this way. i dunno, we'll just have to see what she wanted to tell him... hmmm.... haven't seen jamie in a while... and im
feeling real worried for her, she's been though too much , most i don't even know about. hope to chill with people before i leave for quebec. which im PRETTY excited about. im going this sunday which is pretty close from now.. so imma need to start packing soon -ish. nvm i doubt im gonna do that... prob gonna start the night before LOL yeah... that's pretty much me right there. anyways imma end here =) [hbd stephanie]

--angela armi <33>

Friday, July 11, 2008

chill pills MAN!

summer's going great.. I've been pretty busy this week which explains my little absence in writing blogs if that makes any sense? so today was just a chilled day. was able to sleep in pretty late this time... it was nooice. especially from the day before... i sorta needed it. so after jezer's work, me, him, and jamie chilled in front of my house and played tennis.. we need A LOT of work. O.O took some pictures to make this blog look more interesting LOL pretty random stuff but yeah.

--note-- don't walk home alone at 11 at night wearing red taking a path where there is no civilization. & skateboards are lifesaving : )

jamie you must love this picture! photo credit to me :)
that's jamie and jezer for you =P
unexpected O.O
oh no! jezer going all pro on us
grind! haha im such a poser...
kicks lookin their hottest! photocredit to moi!

Friday, July 4, 2008

let it all o u t !

yesterday i really felt like sleeping in, especially because my cousins continuously woke me up in the middle of the night. but at around 12 30 i got a call from jamie telling me to look out my window... i really didn't want to but because I'm the trooper i am, i got up to see jezer and jamie out in front of my house. 'oh gawd' got changed and brushed my teeth and chilled with them for a while in front of my house. i had told jezer the day before what has been bothering me on tuesday and how i had to tell someone, so i told him since well he was right there. he helped me pick out skinny's and gave me his opinion on other things and he bought me dinner so i saw it was best to tell him [well and because he wouldn't let go of me until i told him] -_-' so i had to tell jamie right away because apparently it was BIG news. after many hesitations i finally said it and i actually felt good about it. but i was dead serious at the same time. so we walked our way to jamie's and ordered pizza [the usual] and just chilled/slept we were all tired for some reason. i actually did let it all out and im glad, well maybe i didn't tell them everything but i don't think i should just yet. im not gonna lie... im scared. and i don't know what's gonna happen next now that it's out. i don't feel real open about it but i guess i have to learn to right? i never realized how hard it can be. and i still feel real uncomfortable about it. but in time... hopefully i will be. so they walked me back to my house and when i came home my dad had a surprise for me. he followed me downstairs and i saw brand new symbols and hi-hat! they sound so damn good! $500 something bucks though O.O i need a job to pay that off. haha xP

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


today i haven't stop thinking about something, so bad that i actually wrote a poem about it. you may not understand.. but yet sometimes neither do i, but i do know that this poem explains a bit of how i feel right now... and all i know is that i need to tell someone.

you live your life careless and free,
let anyone to stare;
but times were there when you wanted to hide,
left cold and feeling

multiple signs showing here and there
but saw it
was best to ignore,
but that one simple name and three simple words
has left you washed up on shore

onto an island you've always heard of
but never have really known,
for now you finally understand
that they might be your own

so now you know the answer
to 'why all those signs before?'
why only now has fate decided,
to wash up on this shore?'

little and naive, one thing i did best
i know for sure i have lied
but little did i know about this lie,
for it was
hidden deep down inside

lying to someone is one thing
lying to yourself is another
'sad is it not?' like claiming
i have always have had a brother (haha)

confusing? why yes,
a confusion i have thrown away for a while
but what goes up, must come down,
even when thrown from a mile.

b o o m .

--angelaarmi <33