Saturday, December 27, 2008

too many passions for one person .

ONCE UPON A TIME there lived two boys; one named jezer and the other, jayare. it was around christmas time and jezer and jayare were feeling generous and decided to get their dear friends; angela and jamie a pair of shoes. but just to seem clever, they put one pair from both shoes in opposite boxes (if that made sense) but forgetful jezer forgot his shoe box with one pair of jamie's shoe and one pair of angela's shoe at home. so both jamie and angela were left with one shoe ... at the time angela still had that one shoe till today :) THE END .
lol ... there you go justin haha ... yes, im THAT bored.

ANYWAYS , time to UPDATE .


christmas eve was ... quite busy, till the party that is. i had to set up my drum set at chruch and practice there for what felt like the LONGEST time. then did other things, and went off to Milton to my cousin's house. reunited with a lot of family which i haven't seen in the longest time. food was great :) and then had some talk with kristine for quite a while... then we ended up dancing for the majority of the time xP she taught me her latest choreo to 'if you leave' which i think is pretty sick... but a bit challenging for me. (stupid turns) hehe.. and yeah, she taught me a lot and informed me about the stuff that goes on in the whole dance industry, and might i say, it sounds pretty tough, i never thought it was as it is but i found it quite interesting. she also introduced me to a couple of toronto dancers and different styles and what not.
opened gifts which was interesting. i find it very amusing to see how much my family knows me and my taste in clothing. haha. but i was fine with whatever they gave me :) after that, just chilled till around 3 , you know those filipino parties ;P


christmas was alright ... it CERTAINLY did NOT feel like it. it just felt like a regular day... just that i got presents lol. went to church , TWICE . bleh ... once to play drums at st. davids and the other to st. pascal bayon in thornhill ... just cause it's filipino -_-'
after i bumped into Valerie and we talked for a bit till things got awkward with her whole family were staring at us lol ! xD then went to Mississauga which was the most DEAD it's ever been for as long as i can remember. pretty much no one came ... and usually there would be soo many people filling the house with kareoke blasting for the whole neighbourhood to hear, and the kids would be entertaining the adults for money , but none of that happened . geeez .. this christmas did not feel like christmas at all :( oh well.


didn't go boxing day shopping yesterday, was too lazy, and i realized there wasn't a year that me and my family ever went boxing DAY shopping lol weird ... especially for my mom lol !
today went to drum lessons as usual, felt bad for not practicing . UGH ! kay ! now i REALLY REALLY have to start practicing . anyways, then went to the biggest instrument store EVER . like HOLY DAMN i was in HEAVEN lol ! it was soo pretty ! the whole place looked soo nice... i swear next time i go there, im bringing a camera ! lol it was THAT nice. went through every part of the superstore. i spent a lot of time drooling over the drum set i've wanted for the longest time. a somewhat, blood red Yamaha. *drool....
soo pretty ! $945 though =T damn .. i need to save up, BIG TIME.
that trip to that store made me want SOO many instruments UGH .. but im so broke lol
i wanna job now.
soo yeah then watched 7 pounds which was pretty good , real sad. eyes watered a couple times imma not gonna lie. =T
then went out for chinese :)

sooo yeah , this was officially my longest blog ever ... lol sorry .

ps. i hope dance isn't just a phase, i wanna improve like mad on drums, i need to start on my art portfolio, and i gotta finish highheels. BLAH .

pps. the world can be pretty sexist =T but it somewhat amuses me :|

ppps. bored of my blog ... needa change it up.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


haven't updated in a while .. soorry =T
soo haven't done much the past week , just shopping, shopping, and more shopping ... damn , it's pretty bad, i don't even have a job and im splurging all the money i've saved up fer .. well .. a LONG time .. but it's for christams .. so i have no problem with that.
so today chilled with jaclyn and jezer at the mall with the company of sean of course :D
bought the last gift i needed to get .. so im pretty much set.
GAH ! i can't believe tomorrow's christmas eve !
it does not feel like it at all !
looking back on last years christmas.. i think back and miss it sooo much. it was honestly THE BEST christmas holiday i've ever had so far. i loved every part of it .. i would hope that this year would be just as good .. but i doubt that's gonna happen.
but you never know , maybe this one would actually be fun, although .. i DO have 3 essays to write by the end of the break and just thinking about it makes my head hurt and the tiredness comes racing back into my head.. ugh .. i HATE school with a passion.
can't wait till second semester !
omg.. why the hell am i talking about school ?!
bleh. im so sad.
so anyways , i dunno what else to say other than i can't wait till tomorrow and the day after that AHH !
OH ! and i have a new book ! it's like PLL but all in one book .. which is pretty gay, but if it's like PLL then im all for it :D hehe
omg , im such a nerd =T
anywho imma go poo now :)

ps. a shoe can get quite lonely in time .

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i came out of NARNIA .

soo .. haven't posted in a while. but since im not doing anything for the first weekend this month... i shouldn't have an excuse not to. *sigh ... Saturday's of nothing suck. haha oh well ..
today just went to drum lessons, saw kristine and kathleen as usual :)
and that's it lol ... i've been loafting on my history for days now... ugh, no wonder im failing =T
AND i STILL didn't make my brownies either .. omg. i've been so delayed on soo many things lol
BUUUT there's one thing i've actually started on ... and that is my first choreo ? haha
no but seriously :D
i've been sorta loafting on it cause well ... i couldn't , but after watching some videos i got inspiration ;)
thanks to Monica parales hehe . well i tried NOT to bite her moves.. but it was soo hard not to !
so i got a bit from her... with her high heels choreo ... so in a way, im making it my own version and technically making it my own . so never mind to that whole 'first choreo' thing >_<