Sunday, November 9, 2008

she's baaack ...

yess... Utada Hikaru is back on my playlist and back in my heart, teehee im getting all corny on you :) i missed her so much actually. i haven't listened to her since my kingdom heart days lol ! listening to her reminds me so much of elementary... where those times were so much more simple and innocent haha.. but yeah man so there is one of them playing on the right ->
yeah so today was good. cleaned up the house because i owed it to my mom from all those weeks of , well not cleaning ;P
after that had jamie, jayare, and jezer over for a bit. then went to church (i got a solo today :D ) and had another intense choir practice ! naw, they're always a hella boring...
so yeah.. how you liking my NEW excuse of a banner ? :D decent ?
yeah well that's what comes up when you don't have photoshop :D but i just really needed change. i still need to add a few additional things (which will be a LONG time from now knowing me) and yeah... that's pretty much it :)
bye !

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