Saturday, November 15, 2008


yesterday chilled after school with jamie and jezer like old times... ah it's been too long, well with only us together... i think :S
anyways yeah, chilled at jezers first while his mom was giving us her usual lectures lol ! THAT made me laugh. and then went to my house then jayares.
today was supposed to go to this christmas party at church... yes this early in the year, but i didn't have a ride and i didn't know what time it was lol soo yeah didn't go to that , i was too lazy anyways so i just stayed home catching up on gossip girl :)
haha im FINALLY updated and i can now watch it tomorrow :D YAY !
so yeah, the reason for my REALLY random title is because a few days ago i was watching this thing on youtube and it was sooo creepy and weird. i remembered watching it a long time ago but i saw it again and thought, 'man this is soo going on my blog' lol so yeah it is ... NOW. WATCH IT! haha it makes me laugh
but i warn you , don't watch anymore of the episodes, unless you enjoy super pointless stuff. this was just the best episode i think :)
so yeah, that's all

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