Friday, November 28, 2008


today was a fun day.
started off normal with the whole cleaning up the house part, and doing homework and stuff...
after, sister offered to give me a ride to jezer's for Sean's party :)
ate dinner there and had cake .. yum.
instead of watching a movie we went to a driving range... i think that's what you call it ? lol
with cody, myka, jayare, and jezer.
and it was REALLY fun also cause it was my first time actually doing something in the genre of golfing... not including glow in the dark putt putts lol
but yeah, it was really fun, even though i was TERRIBLE at it :)
but hey, i was doing the technique part right... unlike SOME people ... *coughjayareandjezercough what ?
haha and so after that, on our way home we stopped by tims to get some drinks... but then we forgot they don't accept debit so when we told them we would get money from the car and be right back... instead we just left... i felt really bad though... but oh well, their fault with not keeping up with the times... ? i dunno .
anywho, then while trying to get around a one way street, cody ended up in the back of this building and jezer spotted all these drinks outside. thinking it was water, cody picked up a whole case... turned out to be GUAVA NECTAR ? lol what the hell is guava anyways ? lol !
it was like a combo of some fruit and nail polish lol ! well the smell of it at least.
so on our way home we dropped off the case in front of diana's house lol ! i wonder how that worked out ? haha
then tried scaring pedestrians by slowing down and blasting music with jayare ATTEMPTING to scare them with his funny sounding bep bep bep lol one boy actually laughed at him lol ! omg !
and then yeah got home just in time before my parents got home :) nice
so yeah.. today was fun

screw movies, golf is now gonna be one of my hobbies thanks to cody :D

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