Sunday, November 23, 2008


SOOOO... yesterday was quite.. well, not how i expected. well the second part of it at least. didn't get to see twilight.. but oh well, there are other days. but im gonna have to face those damn fiends talking about it all monday -_-'
but i think it was well worth missing.
helped out a friend in the process :)
i just want that person to remember that God doesn't give you anything in life you can't handle.

today had bible study yet again... im SO DAMN SCREWED for my two tests on monday... plus assignments ugh.
OH ! and guess what... i didn't forget ! :)
watching old school shows in the 90's like... PIPPILONGSTOCKING ! haha xD
yes, now you don't have to hear my terrible singing in the halls after school anymore :)
so here it is

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