Saturday, November 1, 2008

that's my husband, the petifile .

yesterday was probably the best Halloween i had... and we didn't have to do stupid shit to have fun , jaclyn, jamie and i just played it the traditional way and DID go trick or treating... and it was fun... made many new friends lol ! had conversations with many of the house owners haha ! took pictures with the first house we trick or treated with cause he was pretty scary in a 'hi , im 40, can i touch you?' kinda way lol ! but naw he was funny... and creepy. but yeah .. had some really stupid moments and after made pretty messed up videos lol ! just like old times :) maybe posting it up later on when jaclyn sends 'em to me. and yeah , that was pretty much it.

OH ! and guess what i'm eating ... CRUNCH ! omg ... i used to love that chocolate... i missed it soo much ! my mom bought 8 packs of 8 ! and my dad forgot to give them out soo yeah ... im stocked up on crunch ... yay !

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  1. hey hey hey angela, it's none other than the petefile (; HAHA joking, it's JOE/KEVIN JONAS ! LMFAO; but f'realls, it's JACLYN (if you haven't guessed)

    HAHA love the title btw :) and the "hi i'm 40, can i touch you?" LMFAO that KILLED me. we went at like 7:30, like 2 hours after we wanted to xD HAHA =T

    btw, pictures on monday, kay ? (:

    P.S. i'm getting a blog soon, just too damn lazy at the moment xD

    P.S.S. (P.P.S.? =S) <- no life B-) but don't eat peanuts (spelling error?!) cause youre allergic and all (; and careful, or else marco will have to poke you in the face with your epi-pen xD