Sunday, October 12, 2008

smile detector

weekend was surprisingly busy... yesterday went to lessons saw kristine, albert and javier :) then went to church with family and then watched RELIGOLOUS with sister and friends. haha i changed into three whole outfits that day... ;P

today woke up early for my haircut at 10am sister took me but the thing is she forgot where the 'viet lady who cuts hair lives' lol ! soo... what did she make me do? we stopped by a couple houses she thought was right and i rang on each doorbell asking if it was the place... haha omg. yeah so that was a bust... so sister had to hand in her void check for h&m but we forgot it opens at 11 and it was 10 ... omg.. but then bumped into Heidy and talked to her for a while... went to tims then did some errands for mom. helped out around the house for thanksgiving and yeah relatives came, ate, went to church, called up jamie chilled with her and jezer for a bit, bonded for a while longer and yeah...

tomorrow im FINALLY gonna get my haircut (but im not gonna do much to it) and hopefully my sister knows where it is now soo can't wait for that :)

ps. happy turkey day :) well almost

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