Friday, October 3, 2008

where's the APPLE JUICE ?

yeah all the good title's were already taken ;P haha yeah today went to Jayare's with Justin danced and planned to chill there the whole day till Myka Jezer and Andrew came begging us to go to vmills so yeah went there... for like an hour ? haha yeah.. picked up pizza and on the ride back... wow! was it live ? haha soo gay... BAP BAP BAP! AHH ! jayare's bones hurt ! damn.. anyways yeah after that laofted for a while longer till i had to go. walked home with Jezer and met up with Jamie with FRANCIS (i kept forgetting his name) at discovery. bonded with her for like the first time since she's left ;P yeah... super delayed... but better late than never right ? ;) anywho yeah came home an hour after i was supposed to be home oops ... but oh well no trouble for me :) but i might now be introuble with the church >_< i was supposed to play today and i TOTALLY forgot ! i only remembered way after i was supposed to go ;P my bad. oh well I'm committed enough ... anywho that's all :)