Tuesday, October 7, 2008

pick a card, any card

today was alright. school was boring as always. tried to make it more exciting by acting real hyper ;P that didn't really help... after school stayed for extra help in science cause im DUH stupid! and yeah ... went to TAG for like half an hour and then went to Becky's with justin and played with the whole Araneta family lol ! and yeah... learned like ... half-ish of Justin's new choreo and came home a little late as planned... so now im REALLY hoping i can study enough to ace the science test.... HA! that'd be great but way too unbelievable ;P but the thing is if i don't do well with my subjects then imma have to quit and not join anything for school -_-' ugh ! soo yeah... i should really start studying now soo bye !

ps. YES ! sister has G2 ! haha bitches ! i have a ride now ! and i'll be riding it in my new H&M clothes haha ! man... im such a user... but hey, she's my sister :) how can i not ? naw i keed... well not really :)


  1. Hey, can i be pampered in H&M clothes tooo?? haha !

  2. oh that reminds me to stop by h&m so I can sneak a discount in too =X lol