Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one and a half hours !

yesterday, was pretty messed after going to vmills with jezer after school to buy stuff for civies/halloween. not really doing much for that day considering everyone's going to the debut ;P hopefully jamie will come through into chilling with me that day :) can't really wait till friday... this week has felt so long and it's only wednesday ! ugh ... planning to make a cover with jezer on friday to 'lucky' with me playing my new ukulele :D haha ouu which remeinds me i still have to post 'em pictures of it :) and yeah ... hopefully gonna change my blog by the end of this week if i have time ... going rockclimbing for the fist time in my life today ! yay ! im excited and scared cause im sorta afraid of heights :\ haha can't wait to see that ... and yeah ... that's pretty much it :)

bye !


P.S. no worries, im not skipping, just not doing what im supposed to in class ;P yes, i know . rebel much

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