Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm yours

about time i updated ;P it's been what ? 2 weeks ? woah that's long... oh well ... anyway, today went to drum lessons and semi finished 'to be real' and hoping to play a duet with kristine next week yay ! after that went to 'guitar shack' cause my dad wanted to check it out... and i finally got the one thing i wanted for the longest time... a UKULELE ! lol omg im soo happy... but it's kinda cheap ... like it looks bootlegged but oh well it works :) and yeah ... i'll prob add pictures of it after ... first song im learning is well ... the title :) and yeah , relatives are over right now... bible study bleh... and yeah :)

( i dunno how piontless this blog was... but i just really wanted to boost about my ukulele haha ... )

note: i seriously need to do something about this whole 'her' issue ... ugh im seriously soo fed up ! someone help me ! >_<

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