Sunday, September 7, 2008

miss independent

today went to drum lessons with a little TWIST had my lesson with Kristine ! lol it was soo unexpected . but lots of fun ... i was actually glad to learn something new cause i didn't practice this week lol ! yeeeah ... so yeah did that then went to vmills with my sisters for one reason . to get my damn jacket . and i did .. but it had it's complications . as soon as i got into h&m i saw a couple of them left but only one in my size .. and some white girl had it in her hands . shit . i was sooo damn pissed ! i was like cussing at her in my mind like crazy lol ! i bet even her boyfriend knew i was pissed at her . but then thank God a hot asain lady came by and put back another one in my size :) omg it was a super change of emotions in that second lol ! so yeah buying that made my day . went around for a couple more hours had little reunions with a few people and ate dinner at pho mi . came home feeling bad i didn't get to chill with jamie on the ONE DAY we could chill ugh ! man ! i wonder what they did then ? well , have too see .

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