Tuesday, September 9, 2008

100 kilometres my ass !

today was alright. school was the same as always ... boring. OH ! but i made cookies for my first lab in food & nutrition :) that was fun. after loafted for a real long time then finally walked home with Jayare and Kae Anne we did the usual tease about how it was gonna rain while jayare simply refused saying the rain cloud was 100 kilometres away ! omg... so yeah it rained . hard. it happened to me once before but worse but this was still bad. i honestly should get used to it... i have a feeling this is gonna happen to me again. so yeah stayed at jayare's till kae anne's dad could pick us up ... we were too wet to walk. yeah... got home a little too late for my over protective parents so now i gotta come home at like what... 3? omg . my mom's gay. whateves. oh hey how come they don't make crunch bars here anymore ? i loved those . woah sorry random ... i just had to add that in cause i just ate one . lol ZWOW alright imma end here ! bye.

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