Saturday, September 20, 2008

you look more asain !

ohkay ... soo haven't posted in a while... never really had time, or was just too lazy. anywho ... hmmm since it's been more than a week i guess i can tell you the highlights of this past week. Wednesday was a pretty fun day for me, had a tennis tournament in hopes to win well... a game lol. and well that didn't really happen but i still had fun meeting new people :) after that was the TAG tryouts which was pretty live. a lot of people ended up coming which was great. im finding myself really getting into dance now :\ hmm i always admired it from afar but i now find it really cool. im hoping to take actual classes, that is if my parents let me and Kristine hooks me up ;) hehe yeah the Essence workshop is today and cousin, friends, and friends of cousins are there and im hoping they're having a great time :) hoping they'll come next year again and that i may be at least a decent dancer by then lol. ouu ! i also got my bangs back :D yay ! i was missing them... i was just too lazy to cut them again.. and scared i might have cut them too short again... but it's all good :)

zwow . sorry for boring you ;P

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