Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first day

ohkay this it pretty delayed but yeah ... whateves , first day of school was alright , beginning didn't start off so great... had to wake up super early and walk to school just so that i could say bye to jamie. got there at like 8 ? ugh ... not fun seeing your best friend go ... oh ! and btw.... if you're reading this jamie , DOOD ! we were supposed to be in careers and civics togetha ! mans ! i had to like watch cavalro cross your name with a nice black sharpie :) nice . anywho .... first day was cool seeing everyone again , wish i saw most of them during summer though . even though it's just the beginning , i can't wait till this semesters over... i have a good feeling it'll be alot better . soo yeah ... lazy to write anything else so bye !

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