Friday, July 11, 2008

chill pills MAN!

summer's going great.. I've been pretty busy this week which explains my little absence in writing blogs if that makes any sense? so today was just a chilled day. was able to sleep in pretty late this time... it was nooice. especially from the day before... i sorta needed it. so after jezer's work, me, him, and jamie chilled in front of my house and played tennis.. we need A LOT of work. O.O took some pictures to make this blog look more interesting LOL pretty random stuff but yeah.

--note-- don't walk home alone at 11 at night wearing red taking a path where there is no civilization. & skateboards are lifesaving : )

jamie you must love this picture! photo credit to me :)
that's jamie and jezer for you =P
unexpected O.O
oh no! jezer going all pro on us
grind! haha im such a poser...
kicks lookin their hottest! photocredit to moi!

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