Friday, July 4, 2008

let it all o u t !

yesterday i really felt like sleeping in, especially because my cousins continuously woke me up in the middle of the night. but at around 12 30 i got a call from jamie telling me to look out my window... i really didn't want to but because I'm the trooper i am, i got up to see jezer and jamie out in front of my house. 'oh gawd' got changed and brushed my teeth and chilled with them for a while in front of my house. i had told jezer the day before what has been bothering me on tuesday and how i had to tell someone, so i told him since well he was right there. he helped me pick out skinny's and gave me his opinion on other things and he bought me dinner so i saw it was best to tell him [well and because he wouldn't let go of me until i told him] -_-' so i had to tell jamie right away because apparently it was BIG news. after many hesitations i finally said it and i actually felt good about it. but i was dead serious at the same time. so we walked our way to jamie's and ordered pizza [the usual] and just chilled/slept we were all tired for some reason. i actually did let it all out and im glad, well maybe i didn't tell them everything but i don't think i should just yet. im not gonna lie... im scared. and i don't know what's gonna happen next now that it's out. i don't feel real open about it but i guess i have to learn to right? i never realized how hard it can be. and i still feel real uncomfortable about it. but in time... hopefully i will be. so they walked me back to my house and when i came home my dad had a surprise for me. he followed me downstairs and i saw brand new symbols and hi-hat! they sound so damn good! $500 something bucks though O.O i need a job to pay that off. haha xP

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