Tuesday, July 15, 2008

omg that's so cute, you're matching!

so today, woke up early because of bhutthole jezer. he wanted to play tennis so whatever i was up for anything. cause you know, what else does a girl do at 8 in the morning. so yeah played tennis and hoping to get A LOT better. LOL all i gotta say. today was just a chilled day with jezer pretty much. stopped by jaclyn's house because we couldn't find raychelle. im feeling real bad about spending too much time with jezer honestly... i don't want raychelle to feel this way. i dunno, we'll just have to see what she wanted to tell him... hmmm.... haven't seen jamie in a while... and im
feeling real worried for her, she's been though too much , most i don't even know about. hope to chill with people before i leave for quebec. which im PRETTY excited about. im going this sunday which is pretty close from now.. so imma need to start packing soon -ish. nvm i doubt im gonna do that... prob gonna start the night before LOL yeah... that's pretty much me right there. anyways imma end here =) [hbd stephanie]

--angela armi <33>

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