Tuesday, July 29, 2008

en anglais s'il vous plait?

went to quebec for a week and it was alright. had a few highlights of it. like how crappy and isolated the resort was or how i couldn't exactly go swimming for most of the week because of.. well girl problems LOL or how much fun i had at mount tremblant ? and how mon-hre-al was sicck ! altogether it was.. like i said, alright. that's about it.

the whole taking a break with family was at times, good and annoying. i learned a lot of things about my fam + extended [cause my cousins came along too] that i didn't know before. not gonna go into detail... but yeah that's all i gotta say about that ;)

PS: GPS systems are not dee- shyt, they are very confusing and they do not know how to pronounce the word kilometers ;P

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