Tuesday, July 1, 2008


today i haven't stop thinking about something, so bad that i actually wrote a poem about it. you may not understand.. but yet sometimes neither do i, but i do know that this poem explains a bit of how i feel right now... and all i know is that i need to tell someone.

you live your life careless and free,
let anyone to stare;
but times were there when you wanted to hide,
left cold and feeling

multiple signs showing here and there
but saw it
was best to ignore,
but that one simple name and three simple words
has left you washed up on shore

onto an island you've always heard of
but never have really known,
for now you finally understand
that they might be your own

so now you know the answer
to 'why all those signs before?'
why only now has fate decided,
to wash up on this shore?'

little and naive, one thing i did best
i know for sure i have lied
but little did i know about this lie,
for it was
hidden deep down inside

lying to someone is one thing
lying to yourself is another
'sad is it not?' like claiming
i have always have had a brother (haha)

confusing? why yes,
a confusion i have thrown away for a while
but what goes up, must come down,
even when thrown from a mile.

b o o m .

--angelaarmi <33

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