Saturday, June 28, 2008


okay, just came home from drum lessons which was sort of boring =P i felt kinda bad cause i didn't even touch my drums for the past two weeks. i mean don't get me wrong, i love playing the drums, it's just lately i haven't been too motivated. today i woke up pretty late from the tiring day, yesterday. i was supposed to chill with jezer and jamie at the mall then watch a movie, but someone flopped... AND surprisingly not me. so we had to cancel plans and instead, just ate out with them + garo. subway babayyy. on our way back to jezer's we left "d" and "s" alone but it wasn't easy! jezer was on the bike and i had to run alongside with him >.< the whole damn time! thank god for gym (= played rockband andd attempting to wrap this big ass present for Jezer to give to chelley's brotha's birthday. a $120 harley davidson remote control toy. HUGE. im glad that jezer actually used his pay check for someone else, other than himself. man i need a job. anyways, we biked to my house at around 9:30 cause that was the time i had to be home, good thing my parents weren't mad... my excuse: we left at 9:15 i swear, it's just that jezer fell off his bike several times, you know how handicapped that kid is? naw.. i may have over exaggerated a bit. >.<> d= oh! forgot to mention. im re-painting my room orange! yay! so excited! tonight im going to my cousin's for a bible study *sigh *sigh *snore *snore d= imma be bored but whatever, i haven't been to my cousin's house in a long time i actually forgot how it looked like. anywho... imma stop here before it gets anymore boring. >.<

--angelaarmi <33>

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