Thursday, August 21, 2008

stupid sun

blahh ! haven't written in a loong time ... i just made a brief blog about my time in quebec today ... i know DELAYED but hey i still did it ! newways ; today was alright chilled with jamie the whole day pretty much. played tennis with her, sister and alex. it was fun .. playing for 3 hours straight under the burning HOT sun. bad thing is... i sorta got burned and well... let's just say i now have a stupid RED LINE across my damn face ! lol ! omg , yeah sucks to be light skinned. never am i ever gonna wear sunglasses when playing tennis . omg . it's looks soo bad. thank god i haven't seen too much people today lol ! jamie continued to laugh at me everytime it was noticeable ... which was every time lol ! oh gah ...

woah... school's coming up and man am i excited ? hmm ... not so much ... but im not sad either . a new school year and thank god im not a niner anymore ! chyeah ! one week left ... gotta make the rest of my summer... well fun ? i dunno .... i dunno what im saying anymore lol ! imma end here . peace !

ps. likin' my new pro ? ... haha im such a noob... oh well ... i tried ?



  1. your other layout was so "out of this world" i like this one better.

  2. DUUDE yeah man!..and where ahve you been my summer?