Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what time is it?!?

Fawk yeah! oh so glad school is over! summer...summer ...summer...chyeah! o k a y so today i had my french exam and i surely failed =P but i really don't care.. i mean common, it's french. after, i went to jaye m.'s house again with jezer and jayare. chilled there for a while and we watched kung fu panda. pretty good movie not gonna lie =) anywho.. yeah... today was a pretty boring day, watched gossip girl all day and finally caught up to the recent episodes! ohmehgah! gossip girl is so damn intense. crazy stuff! y e a h ... still a little confused from yesterday... and i still have so many thoughts going through my mind and im just worried and scared of what's gonna happen next. i just hope these thoughts won't ruin my whole summer xP


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