Monday, June 23, 2008

confussy in a semi-pissed way

Today i had my science exam... came to school a bit more earlier than usual ;) well it beats coming right at the bell that's for sure... hey I'm Filipino, what do you expect? anyways, yeah i did my exam & most likely failed, barely studied. soon after, friends and i just chilled in front of the school... although, a friend of mine was really pissing me off. She really doesn't know when she's being a bit annoying. there's a certain age and time, when you need to wake up one day and realize you're not 10 anymore. some just don't know when to grow up. putting my anger aside, i went to jaye m's house with a couple of other people and stayed there for a while. my time there really got me thinking, but thinking just made me sleepy T_T LOL came home, ate ice cream, like always, and most likely gonna study french for the rest of the day with Garro, Jaye & Jezer. so tired of studying.T_T but i got just one more to go andd i seriously & passionately can't wait till summer!


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