Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Woke up today at 12 30 cause i haven't slept-in in a long time. today is my sister's prom so i went with her to the hair dressers. She got a sick hair dew with my added suggestions. =) Helped her with her make up and everything until it was time for her to go. i just can't believe my sister's done with high school and she's at her prom...she's old now =P... seeing how pretty she looked, inspiration had kicked in andd so i started cutting my hair; something i like to do once in a while when im bored then i experimented with make up. Jezer and Jamie came by from a damn shopping spree downtown. They showed off their new sick shit as i was wearing ball shorts, tank top, and ghetto converse xP i couldn't go with them cause my mom was being an ugly bhum. for some reason i wasn't in the mood for anything...i hate to be a downer but that's what i was as soon as they came... have no idea why though. im a really odd when it comes to my emotions. Today was a pretty messed up day for me. i felt so out of touch with what was going on... if that makes sense :\ whatever... im just hoping tomorrow will be better. (yn)

--angelaarmi <3

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