Sunday, June 22, 2008

crazy bones?!?

Didn't get to post in a while cause i had a pretty busy weekend... but most likely it won't seem so after writing so d=
okay friday i chilled with Jaye M. & Jezer like always. took some random pictures, ate tons of ice cream, watched camp rock; which by the way was a complete disappointment even though i wasn't expecting much anyways, andd made some pretty messed up videos. friday was a pretty much chilled day. Saturday i was forced to attend my mom's work picnic which happens every year & like every year i was bored with nothing to do but take pictures, eat, and scream as over sized bugs came my way. >.< ohmehgah! someone brought a pet duck! so cute ^.^ i have a picture of it but it won't let me upload so yeah. OH! and my sister got a lootbag from the picnic surprised they still gave her one, but im glad they did cause in it contained something very special... crazy bones! memeber those?!? the little toys that you had to hit them with? now that i remember it, it sounds so stupid; but yet, which old fad isn't? LOL that pretty much lasted the whole day. when i came home i just relaxed and watched abdc again... and then comes today which is gonna be filled with hard core studying for science cause i really need to pass. then im most likely gonna go to church, play drums andd sing for the choir then come home to study again... which i should really start doing now d= 2 more exams to go andd i seriously can't wait till summer! omfg; summer. hopefully filled with fun
and chillages. (yn) okay i'll end off here cause i really should be studying now >.<' --angelaarmi <3
-- faux smart, now i want glasses --ube maccupuno ice cream --yummers ^.^
--had to finish jaye's too

yeah i know.. random but i just wanted to post them anyways... (that was from friday btw) i have pictures from yesterday but it won't work d=

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