Thursday, June 19, 2008


First blog ever andd because im bored out of my mind & with lots of convincing, i decided to it. Today was my first exam for this semester geography . easy much? after an hour of lofting, we finally started getting home... i wanted to chill afterwards but i had to get home cause my dad was. andd after multiple amounts of orange,mango, raspberry ice cream, freezies, and calls from jaye m. telling me how much fun she's having without me d= and so I end up here... writing this blog and wondering why : i would post up some pictures but i can't find my camera at this moment... too bad; my hair's all nice today too d= boring day? i know. boring blog? i know that too. but don't hate... it's my first ;)

--tank youu to justin for wasting his time in helping meh d=


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