Tuesday, December 23, 2008


haven't updated in a while .. soorry =T
soo haven't done much the past week , just shopping, shopping, and more shopping ... damn , it's pretty bad, i don't even have a job and im splurging all the money i've saved up fer .. well .. a LONG time .. but it's for christams .. so i have no problem with that.
so today chilled with jaclyn and jezer at the mall with the company of sean of course :D
bought the last gift i needed to get .. so im pretty much set.
GAH ! i can't believe tomorrow's christmas eve !
it does not feel like it at all !
looking back on last years christmas.. i think back and miss it sooo much. it was honestly THE BEST christmas holiday i've ever had so far. i loved every part of it .. i would hope that this year would be just as good .. but i doubt that's gonna happen.
but you never know , maybe this one would actually be fun, although .. i DO have 3 essays to write by the end of the break and just thinking about it makes my head hurt and the tiredness comes racing back into my head.. ugh .. i HATE school with a passion.
can't wait till second semester !
omg.. why the hell am i talking about school ?!
bleh. im so sad.
so anyways , i dunno what else to say other than i can't wait till tomorrow and the day after that AHH !
OH ! and i have a new book ! it's like PLL but all in one book .. which is pretty gay, but if it's like PLL then im all for it :D hehe
omg , im such a nerd =T
anywho imma go poo now :)

ps. a shoe can get quite lonely in time .

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