Monday, August 25, 2008

tennis is your PASSION Troy !

oooohhkay .... so today woke up early this morning to play tennis but it really sucked cause it was super windy and cold ... so sister and i gave up on that 5 minutes later ;P after chilled with jamie when it wasn't AS windy and decided to play again ... it was alright ... but super cold, ugh . after THAT while walking home we bumped into people i haven't seen in a while including ... KENNY ! MAN haven't seen him since his birthday ... and on that day he was giving ME a present -_-' whata dork ! but yeah it was cool to catch up with him again ... ahhh good times . PHILOSOPHER ! LOL ! anywhos ... yeah finally got home and made up really stupid things with jamie ... uhmm... zipper ? lol ! wow ... well after me and her being well, ourselves jezer came by to pick her up ... and he brought Fortunato lol ! yeah ... loafted for a while then said good bye ... today was a pretty chilled day ... ahh ! almost a week till school and you know what THAT means ... ;)

GOSSIP GIRL PREMIERE ! AHHH ! OMG ! must see ! *_*
OH ! and also found out that twilight movie's out on November 21 ! omg ! now THAT made my day lol ! woah im getting too excited now lol ! i'll stop here :)



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