Wednesday, August 27, 2008

must ... CHARGE !

ooooohkayyy ... sooo today ... what did i do ? well, woke up early to play tennis but saw my lola was having a hard time cooking by herself so dropped everything to help her out :) i know... im soo kind ;P anywho ... after that called up jamie , asked her what she wanted to do so we picked up noodles at the bootlegged version of t&t then stopped by joan to see if we could get our schedules sooner ... unfortunately it was like the gr.9 orientation -_- ewww... all the girls looked like slubags ! ugh ... one reason why im not looking forward to school ;P and to make things worse... we didn't get the schedules -_- soo yeah ... then chilled at jamie's for a bit ... after that jezer came along and we walked to my house picking up jayare on the way. haven't seen that guy since school ! too bad i had to clean the house a bit before chilling with them again ;P although i was in a surprisingly cleaning mood ... now i know how jamie feels lol ! so then went to the tennis court to play with jamie jezer jayare jand'l alex and sister . i wasn't too much in the mood to play though ... well after PWNING alex *cough cough* i soon got tired ;P after just chilled till... i dunno 8 ? i went home and ate for the first time today ! omg ! i was starving ! filled up my whole plate with food .... ahh.. and im still hungry ! lol .... yeah today was a fun day .... dunno what im doing tomorrow though .... clean again that's for sure ;P oh well have too see .... anyways imma end here :)

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