Saturday, June 20, 2009

poses, jobs, and rain.

haha !! as of yesterday, i have been with this blog for a year ... woot woot !! :D


thursday, had first exam of the semester... english, which wasn't all too bad, i just didnt get to finish the most important part :P i think im allergic to tests, quizes, and exams; my nose always gets runny as soon as i place my pen to my paper ... blaah. anyways, after chilled at jamie's for a bit then headed home. got a random call from justin, who i swear sounds like cody on the phone :/
lol and yeah chilled with him, jayare, and jaye for a bit. pictures are on justin's blogga there -->

yesterday, went major job hunting !! finally. applied at four places that i thought would actually hire me. lol i don't care i just want a job and money. applied at :
-siblings : interview on tuesday
-islandway shorbet : they taste soo good ...
-American Eagle : interview on tuesday
-GAP : which im not getting considering i filled in only a quarter of the application sheet ! i don't have any previous jobs :( lol, but i guess you can say i benefited the embarrassment in some sort of way ;) haha !
and that's it ...

today, went to some picnic for my mom's company that happens every year, and actually going made me realize how old i've gotten ... i use to like being there ... i just stayed in the car and slept :P i was soo tired for some reason. well i guess the rain had something to do with it... it rained the whole time and once it was over, it stopped :|

sunday: tito's 50th surprise party !! :) i've only been to one surprise party but i think i can say i love them !!
monday: religion exam, watch sister's play, hardcore studying
tuesday: math exam, interviews, summer 09 !! woot woot
wednesday: interview and training ... summer camp :P

booking my whole summer... no more loaft .


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