Saturday, March 21, 2009

time for a change

yella blog ! :)
nice to finally write again
march break is practically over and i didn't do a thing that i wanted to this whole week, which means i didn't workout and get all nicely toned ;) haha , i didn't get to make a choreo to notice me, and yeah, so pretty much i didn't do shit ;P
but it's alright i had fun, but lost a lot of money :/
note to self: don't go out anywhere if it means me spending AND no more mooching >_<
MONEY MONEY MONEY , it's always such a problem for me... which it why TODAY i went to apply for a JOB . haha yeaup, it's true
as a summer camp counselor :) waited 2 and a half HOURS to get my god damn interview.
by the 2nd hour i was FREAKING. it was hella annoying. met a few people which was alright.
by the time i did my interview i realized i didn't even think about doing the interview, i was just stressing over how long i had to wait , so i think i bombed my interview... i had NO idea what to say x]
eh, whatever...
went to drum lessons and now at a partay in markham soo yeah that was my day :)
anywho that's all
bye !

OH! PS : i FINALLY cut my hair ... REAL SHORT :D

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