Friday, February 27, 2009

castles and cottages

yella blog ! long time no talk eh ?
well i officially decided , no matter how many times i will change my blog layout, i will NEVER be satisfied; most likely because of my terrible computer skills x)
soo anywho, a few updates ?
tag practices are getting pretty serious now, and im hoping badminton practices won't get too much in the way (YN) and that's all that's pretty much new
OH ! course selections were done and i have chosen ...
1. dramatic arts
2. music-instrumentals
3. media studies
4. anthropology
5. hairstyling

*would have took photography, but i ended up procrastinating on my portfolio (N)

anyways, enough boring you in my useless ranting... lets get to today :)
after school had to go straight home , did some homework to impress my dad then went out to jezer's. 'game night' was on, once again x)
and i know i CAN'T miss out on that hehe
same people as last week + becky and lary :)
played the all time classic, monopoly then watched 'blair witch project' which honestly in my opinion was NOT scary at all. i thought you would actually see the witch :S
so it was all goood ... no nightmares for me tonight yeeah !
tomorrow , heading for jaclyn's birthday partaay ! :D
then bible study at my house ... bloop.

anywho, that's all bye !

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  1. what?? you have a hairstyling class??? no fair!